Psychotropic Drugs

Are Psychotropic Drugs Safe And Effective As Treatment For Mental Disorders?

What do you know about psychotropic drugs? These are drugs prescribed by psychiatrists for treatment of mental disorders from depression to anxiety. However, these drugs have side-effects and even new or so-called second generation psychotic drugs still have side-effects associated as reported by ABC News. Back in 2012, Dr. Mercola published an article on psychotic drugs linked to an increased in car crashes. This raises many concerns especially that these types of drugs are also prescribed to men experiencing premature ejaculation.

Digging a little deeper into psychotropic drugs, more information are uncovered and even doctors have exposed its dangers to health and how it alters or affects the brain. Dr. Gary Kohls explained in the video below;

SSRIs and How It Affects The Brain

Unfortunately, even though many doctors and health professionals know the numerous health risks from taking it, psychotic drugs are very popular prescription prescribed by health professionals particularly psychiatrists. If you’ve been diagnosed with some sort of mental disorder, think again before taking another drug. Do your research and to further give you the interest into digging deeper on this topic, here are are a few documentaries about on psychiatry and psychotic drugs. Experts who are concern share information, which are valuable(in my opinion) for someone who want to maintain better health especially when it comes to brain health.

Well, these are just a few of the many documentaries with real experts in it exposing the real dangers of psychotropic drugs. If you’ve watched any of the documentaries above, you may have learned there are natural ways to restore balance in the brain like regular exercise and proper diet. There may be certain times when you want to take some supplementation; that’s fine as long as it’s naturally formulated dietary supplements. Men with sexual issues relating to premature ejaculation as mentioned earlier have option to choose natural solution including doing penile exercises for improving stamina or regular use of hydro penile therapy.

Regular practice of Yoga is also helpful especially when combined with meditation can be effective in resolving stress and mental related issues.

MIndful Eating Tips

Mindful Eating Tips For Weight Loss And Staying Healthy

For most people, mindless eating is a challenge specially when there is an overwhelming stream of things happening in life. Listed below are 7 steps to to mindful eating that can hopefully help overcome the issue of overeating. Overeating is just one of the many issues resulting to weight gain and eventually to obesity.

Learning mindful eating is a helpful step towards losing weight and eating healthier that are both key to achieving better health.

Veggies First

  • First, eat the salads or vegetables. You want to eat these foods that are low in calories, filling and contains fiber for quicker satiety.
  • Second, serve the main dish from the stove instead of bringing the foods on the table. Doing this allows one to stand up when wanting additional food.
  • Third, replace large dinner plates with smaller one like 9 to 10 inches wide. Eating in a smaller plate is one effective portion control; hence eating less.
  • Fourth, prior to sitting on the able for eating, turn off the television, and if television is accessible in the dining area, transfer or remove it from there. The reason, majority of people tend to eat more unknowingly when eating while watching television. So, no watching television while eating. Be mindful while you’re eating and enjoy the food.
  • Fifth, keep fewer or better don’t keep sugar drinks inside the refrigerator.
  • Sixth, maintain a well-organized kitchen counters.
  • Seventh, put all snack foods in a separate cupboard.

Hopefully, this simple guidelines can help those who are eating mindlessly, yet willing to shift towards mindful eating but no idea how to get started. Getting started as early as you can means you’ll be able to reach your goal of achieving healthier lifestyle, and happier due to an improved quality of life.

Sunlight Cause Skin Cancer

Sunlight Does Not Cause Skin Cancer But Beneficial To Health Specially Vitamin D

Skin cancer is one of those cancers prevalent. Good news is, there’s an increase on number of skin survivors, and the trend is looking good. When I was in my childhood, I had no idea that skin cancer exist until when I was in college. No one talked to me about skin cancer. In fact, the first time I’ve heard skin cancer was on TV.

Later, I realized… if it’s true then why I haven’t seen one with a skin cancer all my life until today, and I’m almost 40 years old. Then, I thought… there must be something causing or triggering skin cancer. I haven’t been using sunscreen either in my entire life. Of course, I do use lotion occasionally, and coconut oil, too for skin hydration purposes. So, I set out to do some quick research about skin cancer. I was surprised what I’ve found. Here are a few videos I’ve watched, and I don’t think I need to dig deeper into it by scanning clinical trials. I myself and the people around me are living proof that sunlight does not cause skin cancer because if it does, we all have as we’re out in the sun almost everyday even during noontime when the sun at its peak.

Sure, sunlight can damage the skin, but it’s not cancer. For instance, a new born baby needs sunlight, but it should be morning sunlight and not during noontime as it will surely burn the baby’s delicate skin. The good news, once the baby grows up and expose to the sun a bit longer everytime, the skin adapts until childhood to adult, he/she can stay out on the sun all day without experiencing irritation. So, there’s this body’s ability to adapt to the environment.

Sunscreen cause skin cancer? Watch the video below to learn more, and you might be surprise on what you’re going to discover.

Cancer Stats Improved

Cancer Statistics Improved According To National Cancer Institute

The NIC(National Cancer Institute) provides a stats and information on various cancers. It covers topic like information for a certain cancer and statistics about cancer survivors. It’s good news as there is an increase of cancer survivors and the trend is continuously going up. You can also visit NIC’s video series, or simply watch the playlist provided below for your convenience.

On the other hand, if you’re in fear of cancer, I think this the right time to look at it in a different way, and here’s why and how does the body handles cancer cells.

Yoga Poses For Better Sex

Yoga Poses For Better Sex Experience

Yoga is an ancient practice of stretching and form of exercise that help relax the muscle in the body as well as the mind. While the practice started thousands of years ago, recently science and fitness has discovered it has great benefits for health, and of course for specific aspect of human function including sex. Below is a 4 Yoga poses, which as originally published at, which I find it interesting and helpful. I’ve been doing Yoga on and off for 3 years now along with my husband. It’s always a good idea to get involved your partner when it comes to health purposes and better intimate relationship.

The Yoga poses demonstrated below are for both men and women, although a woman demonstrate the poses, it works for both men and women. There are other Yoga poses for better sexual health, but start with these 4 poses to avoid being overwhelmed. In fact, if you’re just beginning, it’s a good idea to starts with 2 or 4 poses and once you get more flexible, it’s time to move on and practice more advanced poses.

Doing these Yoga poses on regular basis along with healthy lifestyle is a lot better than taking pills. Sure, if you choose take additional supplementation, that’s fine as it just help you achieve quicker results. However, if you choose to live naturally and healthily with the right nutrition, it’s totally fine, as well. For instance, my husband take it a little further by exercising his private parts, which he call a hydro penile therapy.

Science of Yoga Book

Once you master these poses, you have the choice to expand your knowledge and practice with Yoga. There are books available for it like “The Science Of Yoga”, which is available at Amazon, or simply go to YouTube and search for basic Yoga poses. Practicing Yoga is not only healthy, but fun, and I think it’s the fun part that made me interested on this. Once me and my husband are both into it, there is nothing more fun reaping the benefits in the long run. While doing Yoga is very light, it can be difficult if you’re not flexible enough specially for first timers.

The key to succeeding in Yoga, or at least make yourself good at it…is to do it regularly. It won’t take hours, but minutes. Simply spend 15 to 20 minutes doing it while watching TV, and you’re good to go. It’s a lot better than sitting while watching TV. There are recent research that excessive long-hours of sitting or being sedentary can lead to various unhealthy consequences. So, Yoga can be a good way to circumvent that sedentary state while watching TV.

Yoga For Health and Well-Being

Yoga maybe helpful to develop one-leg stand or balancing capability as according to the American Heart Association, Ability to balance on one leg may reflect brain health and stroke risk.

Wheat Unhealthy

You’ll Never Eat Modern Wheat Again After Watching This Presentation

The title of this article seems to be an advertisement for something, right? Well, not really. It’s just design to catch your attention because wheat either whole grains or wheat-based foods are all around us. It’s easy to get these days, and I think you’ll be surprise the reason if you watch the presentation below by William Davis, MD, who is the author of Wheat Belly. We’ve been told wheat is a healthy whole grain. It’s true if we talk about the ancient whole grains our ancestors ate. However, Dr. William Davis detailed about how the healthy wheat become unhealthy through modern procedure for the purpose of achieving higher yields.

Today, the modern version of wheat is not the same wheat in which our grandmothers used to cooked and ate. According to William Davis, modern wheat is the resultant of genetics manipulations that have transformed its healthy property into a bad thing. He showed pictures of a 2-foot tall, semi dwarf high-yield wheat that has been subjected to a certain process to make it resistant from herbicides. Since the introduction of this modified wheat, numerous health risks have developed including weight gain, obesity, diabetes plus a long list of others that were not known in the early days.

This is the first time I’ve watched this video and totally shocked about it. I’ve heard about avoiding carbohydrates in the past, but I thought it was other carb sources like potato, corn, or rice. I never heard of wheat-free diet until now. Coincidentally, I’m planning of going into not eating grains after an intermittent fasting diet, which I’m on since this morning. Meaning, I won’t be eating any grains by dinner tonight. That was really my plan, that’s why I set out to look for more information about not eating any grains, and this is what I’ve found.

I’ve showed this to my husband, and also in shocked because just like me, he didn’t heard of it before. Now, we have an idea what to do next. Basically, we are healthy and not feeling anything wrong, but we just go on a regular intermittent fasting every month because we find it makes us more active, alert, and feel free of harmful toxins. Not to mention, it boost our intimacy, too, so there’s no reason why not do it.

War On Wheat – CBC News Documentary

So, you’ve watched the video presentation above where William Davis talked about the modern wheat. Just recently, there was one documentary conducted by CBC news in Canada questioning about the validity of William Davis’ claims. In this documentary, William Davis is set face to face with scientists who knows better the science behind the modern wheat, and all it’s Dr. Davis vs all except for the celebrities.

To be honest, if you watched the two videos, it can somewhat lead to confusion. However, this is my take, just eat healthy and right avoiding highly processed foods. Eat real foods, and if you choose to eat whole grains like wheat, or even rice, put it to minimum. The major key to health is knowing ourselves, what we feel on certain foods, and how much should we consume because no two individuals are the same.

Smoking Devastating Health Effects

Devastating Effects Of Cigarette Smoking That Every Smoker Should Be Aware

Smoking is not tied up to one gender, but we see both men and women smoke at home or at work. Some even smoke heavily that can be called a chain smoker in which upon finishing a stick, another stick is light up, and the never ending process continue. It only stops when the person sleeps, or when he/she gets a bath as cigarettes don’t work with water. However, it might seem these people are very persistent, right? In reality, they’re addicted to tobacco through its active ingredient called nicotine. Sadly, getting addicted to smoking can have devastating effect to health and wellness whether you’re a man or woman.

Although, noticeable effects of smoking are not immediately noticeable visibly, it immediately affect the bloodstream. The body is very good at repairing and fighting the bad elements from smoking if it only done once and no more. However, in the case of a chain smoker, which is very common nowadays, the body’s health can deteriorate overtime until it’s too late to recuperate and consequences are fatal.

It is also vital to know especially for those who are taking medication or even supplementation to quit smoking as it can hinder its purpose. Even men who are seeking better and more active sexual lifestyle should quit smoking. Smoking is one of the cause of erectile dysfunction and infertility. We know there are men who do some sort of penile health therapy, it should noted that if you smoke, you should quit as while penile pumping therapy is all about improving blood flow, smoking constricts the blood vessels, so the effort is ended up nothing.

Below are videos from various sources revealing the severe adverse effects of tobacco smoking. Do you know that a stick of cigarette contains over 4,000 toxic substances? These substances are not visible in the naked eyes, but the body feels fit when it gets to the bloodstream. Before we go into the list of serious health consequences of smoking, watch this video as it explains how smoking directly affects one’s health even the smoke exhaled by the smokers can put others at risk who will in contact or inhale the smoke.

Effects Of Smoking With Visual Explanation

Here’s a good video from theDoctors on one of their YouTube video demonstrating how the smoke inhaled through smoking affects the internal organs. It’s horrible, and if you’re a smoker reading this article, you should watch it. This is no theory effect, these effects has been proven the devastating effects on lungs, cause cancers, and other parts of the body. And, speaking of lungs, watch the video as Dr. Travis visually compare a good and healthy lungs to that of a smoker.

Body Recuperation After Quitting Smoking

There is a good news if a smoker decided to quit and throw his last cigarette. If you are among these smokers who decided to quit, it is(in my opinion) your best gift to yourself and your health. The human body that you and I lived is amazing and intelligent. However, in the process of quitting, there could some struggles and others are not able to handle the effect of nicotine withdrawal.

With today’s advancement in almost every aspect of technology and medicine, there are solutions to easing the effect of nicotine withdrawal like e-cigs or electronic cigarettes mentioned later on this article. For now, watch this video how the body quickly react to begin repairing the damage due to smoking, and the numerous health benefits after quitting smokgin.

How Nicotine Causes The Addiction

This video below explains and demonstrates visually how nicotine contain in cigarette causes the addiction. It’s all about dopamine, the same stuff that other addictive substances produces in the brain causing it crave for more when the effects are gone. This a clear explanation there are those who easily smoke a pack or two packs a day, and some even more.

If you’re not a smoker, please watch this video, and if you’re planning of smoking, I urge you not to as you’ll just regret it later once you get addicted to cigarette.

It’s The Smoke That Kills

While the nicotine in the tobacco that causes the addiction resulting smokers to struggle quitting smoking, it does not kill. The smoke in which the cigarette is produced when lit is the one that kills. This video explains more about it.

…But What About E-Cigs?

Electronic cigarettes has been hailed as a new player in solving tobacco smoking problems. It is also known as e-cig. It produces vapor instead of smoke. If you’ve watched the earlier videos, it’s the smoke that kills and not the nicotine. This is exactly the purpose of e-cigs through its vapor nicotine is still present while leaving out the other thousands of harmful toxins that cigarette smoke produced.

E-Cigs or Electronic Cigarettes

Lots of researches and clinical trials have been conducted to make sure e-cigs are safe, but still there are debates about its safety specially for long-term consumption.

While e-cigs are very promising, nicotine is still present. And, as experts said, it’s addictive and have been proven to be a strong stimulant in tobacco smoking. However, for a smoker who is really struggling to quit smoking, e-cigs or electronic cigarettes can be of great aid in the journey of quitting smoking. Still, it is essential to note that e-cig should be treated as a too or an aid and not a replacement to tobacco smoking. What I mean by that, quitting smoking for good whether it be tobacco or e-cig should a smoker’s goal.

If you want to extend your life and enjoy a healthy active lifestyle, quit smoking. There are various aid if you’re struggling to quit completely including e-cigs, patches, and gums that are easily available at or at your local stores.

Employer Wellness Promotion

Wellness Ideas and Tips That Are Useful For Employees At Work

The tips that contain within this article is for employers that could give their employees a boost in their level of wellness. This area in life is vital in every aspect such as home, outdoors, and workplace. Today, more and more employers are launching their own wellness initiatives with an increasing number. The primary aim of such health-related initiative is to encourage the creation of a healthier workforce while at the same time lowering the costs for health care. This initiative is a win-win situation for both employers and employee because employers save money for health care purposes while keeping their employees healthy and effective at work.

It’s unfortunate, however, many employees find this employer initiatives to be invasive and to some extent paternalistic. When I first heard it, I was actually of those who feel like my privacy is somewhat invaded by pushing me to lose weight, change my eating habits, and other numerous lifestyle changes. Sadly, such initiative according to a study conducted didn’t made any savings at all on employers side.

So, rather than forcing employees to make changes in their lifestyle and giving them burdens in following health guidelines, it would be better if employers focus on promoting wellness itself within the workplace. This way, it won’t seem invasive, but in fact, an advantage for them to practice a healthy lifestyle without being forced to make necessary changes. It’s like baiting them to bite the apple of wellness and later could condition their perspective that being healthy is an advantage not only in work but for their personal life, as well.

Below are some tips for employers in promoting wellness to employees without privacy alienation along the process.

Offer an Easy Access To Healthy Meals and Snacks

Healthy Food Access

It’s very common on most offices these days to have a well-stocked of chips and candies, and during birthday celebration of a colleague there comes a steady streams of sweets and pastries like cakes, which is most the time sponsored by employers. Employees tend to eat them because they’re easily accessible for free. On the contrary, what if the sweets are replaced with regular streams of fresh fruits or other healthy snacks inside the workplace?

Of course, employees eat it due to easy accessibility. Employers could contact fruit suppliers to have a weekly delivery, as well as contact nearby restaurants to supply the office with healthy salads, and soups for example during lunch time.

Make or Allow People To Exercise Easily

This may seem odd to exercise in the office, but it’s very common in some office these days. In fact, there is a working desk with a treadmill built in it so employees can work and doing walking at the same time. For more info on treadmill desk, check it at

Well, it could be difficult at first, but it will become a norm when it will be implemented in the long run. Some offices these days are giving their employees standing desks. First impression, this may seem a torture for employees, but along the way, employees will be able to realize the benefits it provides.

Another idea is to install showers for employees who ride bikes to-and-from work or for some office errand purposes, or perhaps offer a mini-gym where employees can exercise during their breaks. The shower can help them freshen up during lunch time or prior to leaving for home.

Avoid Competition of Weight Loss

Weight Loss Competiiton

Most companies or even small offices focus on weight loss when promoting health and wellness to their employees. In fact, I’ve seen some who held a weight loss competition either individuals or team a similar process on the reality TV showbiggest loser. Since, not every employee wants to lose weight, this way of encouragement can have huge impact on them. As we know, obesity or weight gain due to certain conditions like eating disorder that needs to be address first prior to losing weight.

Instead of encouraging them to lose weight, it would be a more effective approach on providing employees the right information for correct nutrition, and importance of being physically active.

Offer Employees Great Healthy Insurance


This part should be a priority for employers, offering them an excellent benefits when it comes health insurance. If there’s one wellness initiative in the workplace that is to be prioritized, it is this. There is no better acceptable initiative for wellness when it comes to health insurance. Look for plans that offer low-cost or free preventive care.

Discourage Employees To Work When They’re Sick

Sick Stay At Home

Most of the time, majority of companies want their employees to stay at home when they’re sick, yet they’re discouraging the use of sick time. I remember my previous employer when I was still working, the time I got sick she(employer) immediately without hesitation told not to go for work, instead stay at home, take care of my self and get well sooner. She told me, even if I can make it to work, I could probably be spreading the virus or bacteria I had, so better stay at home and let co-workers safety preserved.

No More Doctor’s Notes When An Employee Is Sick

Doctors Notes

I’ve experienced this a lot of times in the past, and it was somewhat embarrassing and insulting going to the doctor when I ad flu or cold just go ask for a doctor’s note that my manager requires. It’s a policy, and nothing I could about that. In turned, this policy drives up costs for health care by forcing employees in to medical clinics instead of just taking a rest at home and taking over the counter medications. And, if you’re discouraging employees to go for work when they’re sick, they will still go to work because it’s so much easier for them than having a medical appointment in a short notice.

Offer Reasonable Paid Sick Leave

Paid Sick Leave

This is also well-connected to discouraging employees to work when they’re sick. If employers don’t offer a paid sick leave, employees will come to work no matter as long as they can make it. When this happens, there is a higher chance they could spread their sickness to co-workers, or even the managers or employer.

Encourage Employees To Use Their Allotted Vacation Time For Them To Unwind

Vacation Leave

Vacation time helps an employee unwind from the distressing works at the office. However, lots of employees these days don’t take their vacation they deserved and in fact the company provided it them at certain period for each year. Some reasons this happens include approval of vacation might take ages to get approved, or culture inside the office that could indicate people going to vacation could be look at as a slacker. So, these factors should be taken into consideration to make the process more easier for employees and provide them the necessary information about the benefits of taking off from work for a few days to a week even.

Exercise For Longevity

Right Dosage Of Exercise Can Help Men and Women Live Longer

Physical activity or state of being physically active for everyone has been the gold standard towards becoming health and fit. Recently, two studies published at the JAMA Internal Medicine with findings that exercise has been of great help when it comes to improving longevity. Currently, there is a recommended so-called exercise dosage that are both available in Heart.Org and CDC.Org for adults, plus other additional recommendations for children and seniors. The recent two studies focused on middle-aged individuals, hence, basing on the recommended adult physical activities or workouts.

First, let us look at the recommended exercise or physical activity for adults;

2 hours and 30 minutes (150 minutes) of moderate-intensity aerobic activity (i.e., brisk walking) every week and muscle-strengthening activities on 2 or more days a week that work all major muscle groups (legs, hips, back, abdomen, chest, shoulders, and arms).


1 hour and 15 minutes (75 minutes) of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity (i.e., jogging or running) every week and muscle-strengthening activities on 2 or more days a week that work all major muscle groups (legs, hips, back, abdomen, chest, shoulders, and arms).


An equivalent mix of moderate- and vigorous-intensity aerobic activity and muscle-strengthening activities on 2 or more days a week that work all major muscle groups (legs, hips, back, abdomen, chest, shoulders, and arms).

High Intensity Exercise

In the past, prior to the publishing the two recent studies’ findings, the amount of exercise had been a subject for debates by experts as to whether what is considered little, too much, and just right for effective health and fitness maintenance, and longevity effects. For those who are lazy to exercise, sure they can just choose little effort to exercise, or not exercising at all. Hopefully, these two recent studies can provide clarity about the amount of physical activities in which adult can do for wellness purposes.

The recent studies also found high intensity workout could add more years to people’s life, and not harmful as others thought in the past. In my personal experience, high-intensity exercise specially when done in interval has an amazing positive impact on calorie burning, and a lot effective in losing weight rather than continuous high intensity workouts. Of course, either exercises are both better than doing nothing at all. In fact, even just by moving a little or doing exercise below the recommendation by health authorities is a lot better than being sedentary.

I read once in the past, exercise particularly running is a less prescribed medication for stress. Based on personal experiences and on various studies, stress is a silent killer. Unfortunately, majority of doctors prescribed pharmaceutical-based medications for treating stress and anxiety. But, in fact, doing regular exercise is a lot better than pharmaceuticals, plus it’s natural although it requires effort, but the effects are long-term and safe. I’m not against pharmaceuticals, but using them heavily and overlooking one of the natural and effective means is a mistake…in my opinion.

Reaping Maximum Benefits Of Exercise

The first of the two studies conducted by the National Cancer Institute researchers at Harvard University along with other institutions collected and pooled data on men and women exercise habits across 6 large ongoing health surveys that ended up collecting data from over 661,000 middle-aged adults. Upon the collection of data from these enormous number of people, researchers layered it by weekly exercise habits ranging from those who did not exercise at all, and to those who exercised 10 times the recommended exercise activity, or beyond.

The researchers were not really surprised with the results when current data they’ve collected compared to the number of deaths recorded for the past 14 years. Researchers found those people who did not performed any exercise at all were ones with higher early death risk. On the other hand, people who exercise even just below the recommendation were able to lowered premature death by up to 20%. Those who are doing exercise according to the recommendations completing a minimum of 150 minutes each week performing moderate exercises reaped more benefits of longevity plus able to lower premature death by 31%.

Moreover, based on the results published, it seems the sweet spot for reaping the benefits of exercise for longevity is performing 3 times the recommended exercise level, moderate exercise such as walking up to a total 450 minutes per week, which is equivalent to more or less an hour per day. The men and women who performed such high level of physical activity have been found to be 39% less likely to have early death compare to people who are sedentary.

Exercise Live Longer

The researchers also noted, doing such high level of physical activity tend to peaked or plateaued the benefits, however they’ve found the benefits never declined significantly. There are those few men and women who take physical activity to the next level by engaging in performing 10 times more than the recommendation have shared similar results with those who did it 3 times the recommended guidelines. There were no noticeable health gains and longevity benefits on spending additional hours of sweating.

The second study was conducted by Australian researchers and came up with somewhat similar findings on exercise intensity. Although, there were few studies conducted have suggested that doing frequent and strenuous workouts might contribute to premature death, both new studies found it the opposite. The study abstract conducted by Australian researchers can be found here, or at the JAMA website.

Additional Thoughts and Takeaway

It’s unfortunate, however, I have no access to the full report of the studies, just the abstract. The abstract of both studies only mentioned exercise habits, and not their eating habits. Exercise alone is not an effective way to stay healthy, and majority of people might not be able to sustain high intensity workouts due to certain conditions and reasons.

Based on my personal experience and careful observations for 3 to 2 years along with my partner/husband, exercise alone does not provide an effective and long-term health and wellness results. Initially, we thought we should exercise at least an hour per day in order to lose weight and be able to reach our ideal weight for our age and physique. So, we set out for that mission, but unfortunately, we didn’t go any far. Sure, we lose a few pounds, but we quickly gain by twice as much as we previously lost. We were desperate, and the desperation worsen the condition and we end up gaining more weight.

We ask everyone we know who are successful to some degree with their fitness and able to maintain their ideal and healthy weight level. All of them attributed their success to exercise because they ran everyday and do cycling during weekends, but what they did not conscious about, they’re also eating a lot healthier. I’m not sure why they didn’t noticed it, but as we(me and my husband) noticed, these people are eating more fruits and eating less. Well, less might not be a suitable term, but should I say they’re not over eating anymore.

EatWell and Live Longer

So, my husband did the first move. He read information on fitness online and found out that carbs and calories are the main responsible for weight gain. At that moment he told me what he found out, I was not ready to accept it. Again, my adventurous husband did the first move. He did intermittent fasting for a few days and expanding the fasting for several weeks. After about 45-days, we weighed together. I was shocked, and of course happy with his results. He lost almost 15 lbs, plus he is feeling good, which probably can be attributed to the success he had achieved, plus he is doing well with his privately done workouts.

I did the same thing, and I’m just blown away with results. I feel lighter, easy to move, healthier, and not to mentioned sexier. Yes, that’s true, in fact, we were making more time in bed than before we were overweight. I think this is one of the major benefits of being healthy.

Until the time I wrote this post, we are continuing to experiment various healthy eating habits and choose carefully the foods we have to eat. At first it was somewhat awkward and difficult specially we’re get used to the habits of eating pre-packaged foods. It think this is the biggest what we found so far about eating, highly processed foods that are pre-packaged can get you fat a lot quickly than those prepared or cooked at home with carefully chosen ingredients.

When we told those we’ve asked previously, they started evaluating their eating habits, and eventually agreed that not only exercise is responsible for their success in health and fitness maintaining a good level of weight, but their eating habits, as well.

So, in our experience, it’s not just exercise and I mean the right level of physical activity matters for health, but nutrition, as well. Added to that, minimizing stress by doing meditation, relaxation and Yoga, which is another form of exercise, but lighter compared to cardiovascular-type workouts.

Diet Pills and Supplements

Do Diet Pills Work and Safe To Take

What’s the initial picture that pops on your brain when you come to think about diet pills? Most probably, a beautiful model walking on fashion show, or featured in a TV or online magazine. On the other hand, the second thing that might pop up is a young man or girl running at home, sweating, grinding their teeth, gusting, and speaking way too much for their own benefit.

Obviously, there are various formula out there, and in case you are blessed enough to locate the one that can help you attain the results that you need with no couple of freakish unwanted side effects, then great for you. The difficulty is, these can be quite challenging to locate if you do not understand where to appear.

Diet Pill Formulation

While the compounds found in a number of the business’s hardcore formulas may cause heart palpitations, blood poisoning, extreme nausea, unbelievable stress, along with an entire range of other unpleasant symptoms, other diet pills have proven themselves to work wonders for many of the users.

The majority of diet pills(including male supplementation) which can be deemed both safe and powerful will be all natural formula with powerful antioxidant properties. All These are great since they allow you to lose weight the proper manner. Rather than striving to fuel up your metabolism with a group of unusual compounds, antioxidants really remove toxins from your body.

Resveratrol  Select

Moreover, think what your body’s best defense against toxins is… keeping fat. Additional fat blocks dangerous toxins from damaging your organs, tissues, and arteries. The body holds onto a growing number of fat to be able to keep your life. Getting rid of the toxins, the body no longer has a motive to keep additional fat, and away it comes.

These antioxidant-rich diet pills will usually comprise substantial quantities green tea extract. Other popular antioxidants used in diet pills comprise goji, acai, maqui, and resveratrol.

Other natural diet pills that are utilized to aid in the weight loss procedure would fall in the group of “detoxification pills”, and would contain components for colon, liver, and blood cleansing. In fact, a complete body cleansing ingredients packed in one pill.

Frequently, these sorts of diet pills will generate a feeling of wellness rejuvenation in a person who take it. The reverse of the effects experienced by those who go the chemical route.

Weight Loss Pills

In fact, diet pills are just not sufficient to provide with the results desired. There isn’t one diet pill to earth that I’d advocate over a natural, healthful way of eating and an action strategy that works the body and places a huge smile on your own face at once.

Diet pills are nutritional supplement, so that as such are designed to be utilized to supplement a responsible, healthful lifestyle. Lifestyle constantly comes first. Recall that and live by it, and you would be far more successful in achieving your wellness and weight-loss targets.